Scratching is the new coloring! Scratch art is the up and coming trendiest hobby in South Korea

Another great trend to try if you need to de-stress.



We commonly associate coloring books with children, but some months ago, coloring books designed for adults were all the rage in many countries, including Japan. Grown-up coloring books have been around for some time, but the sudden trend triggered off a new supply-and-demand chain reaction, filling the market with more coloring books for adults than ever.

However, in recent months, a somewhat similar yet new hobby has been silently enchanting adults in Korea with its simplistic beauty. Known as “Scratch Night View”, these scratch-off art projects promise breathtaking night views upon completion, and all you have to do is scratch the special board in the specified areas to unveil the beauty hidden in the darkness!

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Tips for a Happy Life

It’s such a struggle to be happy, I constantly think. If you’re like me, this is a video you must watch. Sam Berns had a rare condition known as Progeria which is a disease that rapidly ages you, with an inability to gain weight and brittle bones. In spite of his obstacles he reveals that he has a happy life and gives us tips to achieve that. Sadly Sam has since succumbed to his illness but had left us with a great life philosophy. He definitely made a change in this world as he aspired to and left his mark.

1. Be OK with what you ultimately can’t do, because there is so much you CAN do.

2. Surround yourself with people you want to be around.

3. Keep Moving forward.

He highlights that it’s the little things that matter and we can focus on that.  The little happy things in life to look forward to.

8 Benefits of Yoga – Infographic

Makes me want to try it.

One Regular Guy Writing about Food, Exercise and Living Past 100

I was fortunate enough to get involved with yoga about 30 years ago when I was dating a woman who also taught yoga. I practiced religiously for years after she and I had gone our separate ways. To this day, I am grateful for learning how to still my body and reduce my stress by the simple practice of controlling my breathing. As you can see from the infographic below there are profound benefits to doing yoga. There is also a good section on myth-information about yoga.


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How to Get in Shape ‘Without Moving a Muscle’

Isometrics sounds wonderful. The best kind of exercise for the self conscious and those who hate the gym and perspiring.


Looking for a way to get fit without getting up from your chair? Yeah, so’s everyone else — even folks in the armed forces, and even five decades ago.

“The symptoms are turning up everywhere,” TIME wrote, in the Jan. 31, 1964, issue. “A commuter puts down his paper and his eyes glaze as if with some interior rapture; a stenographer stops typing and stiffens in her chair; waiting for the children’s hamburgers to brown, a housewife suddenly presses her hands on the kitchen table until the knuckles show white. These are not the victims of some new virus, nor has the strain of modern living sent them around the bend. Instead, they are practicing the very latest wrinkle in body culture: isometrics.”

Isometric exercise, the article explained, involved creating an immobile muscle contraction using the resistance from an unmoving object. The height of fad exercise at the time, it…

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What I Learnt About the Popular Juice Cleanse

It’s not necessary and the weight you will loose is mostly water weight which will come back after you go back to a normal diet.  Also you might loose muscle mass with a  lack of protein and long term you may not be getting the calcium required for strong bones.

But juices are not bad (full of vitamins and good stuff) – you can add them to your regular diet or better yet, real fruit with all the fibre.

There is no scientific evidence that a juice cleanse detoxes you. You will loose weight because of the calorie restriction but not purely because you’re consuming only juice.

17 Ways to Age-Proof Your Brain

Wonderful tips. I especially love the idea of ditching the social media for a period of time and mono tasking, namely concentrating on a book. Preferably fiction by a favourite author. Another thing I do in this list is write using long hand. Perhaps young folks these days don’t do it as much.


What’s good for your body is good for your brain. That means eating a balanced diet with lots of fruits and veggies and not much sugar, saturated fat, or alcohol, as well as getting enough exercise and sleeping about eight hours a night. But evidence is accumulating that a whole host of other activities can help keep our brains young even as we advance in chronological age. There is no one magic activity that you need to take on, but trying a handful of the following will help.

Take dance lessons

Seniors who danced three to four times a week—especially those who ballroom danced—had a 75% lower risk of dementia compared with people who did not dance at all, found a 2003 landmark study in the New England Journal of Medicine. Why? “Dancing is a complex activity,” says study lead author Joe Verghese, MD, chief of geriatrics at Montefiore…

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