How To Store Your Money Overseas

Useful tips about storing money overseas.

The Exchange Room

It’s your first time living by yourself overseas. You no longer have the safety net of a credit card you understand, an ATM in your language; you can’t even ask your parents for a bit of pocket money! If banks, finances and economics have always made you want to tear your hair out, you’ve come to the right place. So what is the best way to store your money overseas for you?


This is probably the simplest method of bringing your funds over to a new country; cold, hard cash. If the exchange rates are good in your country (and they usually are, since the currency you want to sell is typically the strongest in that country) you can lock in that exchange rate without worrying about it dropping. Otherwise, you can also get good exchange rates by bringing your native currency overseas, if that country has strong business…

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More from Rottnest Island with Zeb and Eider Duck

Great photo guide to Rottnest Island.

Colorado Traveling Ducks

Rottnest Island was discovered by the Dutch in 1696.   The island was named Rottenest which means rat’s nest.   They believed the island to be inhabited by large rats.   However, they were not rats but quokkas.

Quokka Quokka

Quokkas are marsupials; smaller relatives of the wallaby.   In 1838 Rottnest settlement was established as a prison for the Aborigines from the mainland.

Former prison Former prison

Of course, the prison no longer exists, but you can wander around the convict built buildings,  such as the Quod.    In the Quod, prison cells have been converted into hotel rooms.   The Lomas Cottage has a large garden area.

Lomas House for warden. Often called Buckingham Palace Lomas House for warden. Often called Buckingham Palace

It was nicknamed Buckingham Palace during the prison days, as the warden eventually lived here.    The prison guard’s homes are still here, with a different purpose today.

Former guard housing. Now shops Former guard housing.   Now shops

Walking among…

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At Least 16 Dead in Bangkok Bombing

This would definitely make many reconsider a trip to Bangkok.


Erawan Shrine, nestled between giant malls in downtown Bangkok, is normally a riot of incense, garlands, tourists and Buddhist worshipers who come to pray to a Hindu deity. On the evening of Aug. 17, at the height of rush hour, the shrine area was shaken by an explosion that killed at least 16 people and injured some 70 more, according to police and local media, who reported that foreigners were among the fatalities. Police blamed the carnage on a bomb hidden in a motorcycle and said they had defused other explosive devices nearby.

In recent months, Bangkok has been the scene of small explosions, some of which were later blamed by the country’s military regime on anti-government forces. In 2010, the streets near Erawan Shrine were also bloodied by an army crackdown on anti-government protesters, which killed dozens.

In Thailand’s deep south, shadowy Muslim militants have waged a campaign of…

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Police deal with active bomb after deadly blast near Bangkok shrine, area popular with tourists

FOX 61

BANGKOK, Thailand — An explosion that appeared to target a Hindu shrine in central Bangkok on Monday killed several people and injured dozens more, according to Thai media reports citing local police.

Police were sealing off the scene near the popular Erawan Shrine because a bomb in the area remains active and needs to be defused, police at the scene told CNN.

Bomb squad members in blast suits responded to the area, and an officer announced over a loudspeaker, “The situation is still not safe. Please all stay back. There might be another bomb in the area.”

Officials provided no immediate information on casualties, but there were five ambulances in the area. Some local media reported at least five people killed, while the Bangkok Post reported at least 15 deaths.

Steve Herman, a correspondent and bureau chief for Voice of America, said he thought it was thunder when the explosion first…

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Montreal officials are painting Saint-Denis Street red

Global News

MONTREAL – City officials are taking out their brushes and painting the town red – well, not exactly the entire city.

A one kilometre stretch of Saint-Denis Street is being transformed with a red coloured theme.

Red decks, picnic tables and even hammocks are being installed along the sidewalk starting at Roy Street and heading north.

It’s part of a city initiative to attract shoppers and restaurant goers to the neighbourhood – especially since new infrastructure works are set to start in the area later this year.

“Montreal is ready to do other things differently,” said Lionel Perez, the city’s executive committee member in charge of infrastructure.

“We’re ready to invest and it’s going to attract people. It’s a signal to the merchants as well.”

Montreal is spending slightly more than $1 million on the initiative.

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