Kanban for my kids

Had to reblog this post by Dana. Great idea to apply a project management tool to real life.

A bit about the simple yet powerful tool Kanban. It was invented by a Taiichi Ohno, an industrial engineer at Toyota. All you need is a board and post-it notes and you can move tasks from one column (stage) to the next as they are completed.

If you prefer this tool in the form of a free app then Trello is great for personal use.

Ramblings of a Project Manager

I am a working mom of three wonderful kids, but seriously getting three kids up, ready, fed and out the door can be an epic challenge every single day.   If you have kids like mine they never seen to remember the tasks that need to be done everyday. The same tasks never change but they can’t seem to focus on them and they can’t seem to get any of them done with out me hounding them for status….are you done yet, are you done yet, are you done yet.   All I can think each morning is please make the pain of this stop.

Each weekend the kids also have their chores that they are responsible for completing.  I use to create little todo lists for each of them and then they would cross off the tasks as they completed them.  This worked well for the weekend chores but not so well for creating…

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Organise Everything with Trello

Perhaps I need to try this out.

K Opoku Asare



Before I met Trello, I used A4 sheets stippled together for planning, organising, writing down todo items etc. over time, the A4 sheets gets lost, soiled or becomes very disorganised and I mostly cannot make meaning from what I wrote in my own handwriting.  and I loose a great deal of brainstorms, procedure and memory with that.

Now Comes Trello

Trello is the free, flexible, and visual way to organize anything with anyone.
Drop the lengthy email threads, out-of-date spreadsheets, no-longer-so-sticky notes, and clunky software for managing your projects.
Trello lets you see everything about your project in a single glance.

Trello is simple on the surface, but cards have everything you need to get stuff done. Post comments for instant feedback. Upload files from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive. Add checklists, labels, due dates, and more. Notifications make sure you always know when important…

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Amazing 12 Year Movie Project: Boyhood (Spoiler Alert)

I am just astounded by this unique project filmed with the same actors over a period of 12 years. In most films characters are aged using makeup. And if a child is involved there are usually a number of different actors used to play the same character as her or she ages (that always disappoints me as I know these are different people).

I am not surprised that this movie has Oscar buzz. I believe it’s one of those that will stay in your mind for a long time and why I have a deep appreciation for indie movies.

It’s also historically accurate in terms of the perspectives the actors had at the time of the filming not knowing what the future would be. For instance their views about the Starwars movies at the time and whether there would be another more after Return of the Jedi and their views about social media.

Here’s a trailer but if you’re like me perhaps it’s best not to watch the trailer so that you can watch the movie with a fresh perspective. But it’s for people who are busy and don’t intend to watch the movie but are curious to know what it’s about since it’s been all over the headlines lately.

The little boy from the movie (not so little anymore) didn’t watch the movie himself till the whole project was over. I can’t imagine the impact of that. Such a big chunk of his life. And it’s super brave to put your pimply awkward teen years on air for the world to see.

I can somehow relate this to project managers or event managers. What commitment this director of this movie Richard Linklater had to focus on it and believe in it so much as to not give up on it. His own daughter is in it too as the sister to the main character.

I do hope they continue with another movie exploring the character from adulthood to mid life.

I used to manage events and actually felt terribly sad but also terribly proud once an event was completed after 2 to 3 years of working on it. This big projects are deeply satisfying and it’s hard to let go. You just feel so vested in it and I think that’s what makes you put your all into it and do a great job. When you put heart and soul into it and root for the best outcome. And usually the enthusiasm for such a project comes from a good leader.

Project Management Explained in a Video

I often find that visual explanations are the best. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words so here is a video on Project Management by Doodle Slide which simplifies concepts and avoids the usual business jargon.

What I learnt that as with all endeavours in life, planning is critical.

What is a Project Manager?

If you ever wondered what a project manager does, there is a post at Fast Company that clarifies things. From this you can gather that project management involves multiple parties and you need to be an excellent time manager to get it all done on schedule and within the budget.

Being good with people and different cultures doesn’t hurt too. It involves facilitating members of the team to give their best. You are adding value. And yes, you’re the main person taking on the responsibility to ensure the project reaches a successful end.

And here are 10 characteristics you don’t want in a good project manager.