More from Rottnest Island with Zeb and Eider Duck

Great photo guide to Rottnest Island.

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Rottnest Island was discovered by the Dutch in 1696.   The island was named Rottenest which means rat’s nest.   They believed the island to be inhabited by large rats.   However, they were not rats but quokkas.

Quokka Quokka

Quokkas are marsupials; smaller relatives of the wallaby.   In 1838 Rottnest settlement was established as a prison for the Aborigines from the mainland.

Former prison Former prison

Of course, the prison no longer exists, but you can wander around the convict built buildings,  such as the Quod.    In the Quod, prison cells have been converted into hotel rooms.   The Lomas Cottage has a large garden area.

Lomas House for warden. Often called Buckingham Palace Lomas House for warden. Often called Buckingham Palace

It was nicknamed Buckingham Palace during the prison days, as the warden eventually lived here.    The prison guard’s homes are still here, with a different purpose today.

Former guard housing. Now shops Former guard housing.   Now shops

Walking among…

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Perth: The Kings Park & Botanical Garden during Fall

Trotting Horse

This blog was first published in May 2013.

Kings Park and Botanical Garden is listed as the most popular destination in Perth. This attraction boosts of a land area of 400.6 hectres of only about 1.5 km from Perth’s Central Business District. There is also a look out point of the meeting point of the Swan and Canning River. I spent a quiet afternoon in this beautiful park taking pictures of the flora and fauna, and quietly chasing after the various birds to get a snapshot of them. I will share some of the photos I took on my iPhone and they do not do the actual beauty justice but nonetheless… Drink in the beauty!

Perth - The 2 Rivers Meet The Swan and Canning Rivers meet

Perth Kings Park Tree Do you know what tree this is? =)

Perth Acacia Steps The Acacia Stairs with designs of various acacia on each step.

Perth Kings Park trees Love the serenity and freshness of these trees along the pathway…

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Max Brenner Chocolate Bar – Joondalup

Who can resist good quality chocolate? I can’t.

I was happy to discover the blog about the Perthfect life. I have friends and family in Perth who will be excited to see that their dining scene is becoming even more exiting. They will be keen to hear of more options in Joondalup for a chat over drinks and dessert. 

The chef, his wife and their PERTHfect life


Max Brenner Chocolate Bar on Urbanspoon

Just in time for Easter is a café for the chocoholics amongst us – Max Brenner Chocolate Bar. It’s a coco haven that is found all over the world – from New York to Moscow and now in Joondalup! It opened just last week and is located at Lakeside Joondalup, right next to the train station.IMG_8953

As an after school treat Little Chef and I checked out the chocolate bar. There’s a lot to choose from – waffles, fudge brownies, chocolate pizza, sundaes and much more. We settled on a Popsicle Fondue from the “Max I-scream” menu. Admittedly, I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but I was happy to share with Little Chef. It was nearly Easter after all!IMG_8958

The creamy vanilla ice-cream popsicles are accompanied by a melted milk chocolate fondue, caramelised pecans and sprinkles ($14.50). Little Chef had an absolute ball dipping his ice cream in all the sweet goodies to make his own popsicle creation – even if he…

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28 Hours in Perth

This post has got me craving for a meat pie.

Sojourn, Farewell

Given it was my first ever trip to Australia, I crammed quite a lot of sightseeing (and eating, of course) into my layover.

The day started out with a visit to the Caversham Wildlife Park (CWP) which is located 40 minutes outside of downtown Perth. With around 200 species and more than 2,000 total animals, birds and reptiles, CWP has the largest privately-owned collection of native wildlife in Western Australia.


The first order of business was to meet some koalas! There are two sessions daily when visitors can get up close and personal with these cuddly creatures – 10 am to 1 pm and 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm. My colleague and I were lucky enough to make it just in time for the end of the morning session.

The koalas were (literally) hanging out in a natural play structure made up of stumps, branches and plenty of eucalyptus leaves for…

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Perth Airport starts $42M redevelopment project of Terminal 1

Airport improvements are always welcome.



Perth Airport has awarded a contract for a project that would see the construction of an expansive landscaped forecourt to help improve access to Terminal 1. Ertech Holdings has secured the $16.6 million construction contract for the first phase of the forecourt project, part of $42 million makeover of the Terminal forecourt that also features construction of a spacious 27 metre entry plaza.

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