Several companies are trying to take down the Bloomberg Terminal

The well-known Wall Street tool is facing increasing competition. 

Even if you’re at the top of the game, competition will knock you off the pedestal if you don’t constantly innovate.

Luxembourg: Tough times for a favorite tax haven

Interesting read about tax haven Luxembourg. It’s a tiny country in Western Europe, bordered by Belgium to the west and north, Germany to the east, and France to the south. It is the least populated country in the European Union (EU).


On a typical day,thousands of passengers pull into Luxembourg’s central train station and traverse the busy shopping street of Rue de la Gare, where everything from pastries to rain boots is on offer. Few, however, step inside the covered walkway next to the hair salon at No. 41. If they did, they’d find little but mailboxes, dozens of them, affixed to the wall. On a chilly afternoon in early January, the mailbox marked AIG/Lincoln—the name of a partner of the New York–based insurance and real estate giant AIG—is empty and unlocked. Moments later, in the company’s fifth-floor office, I meet AIG/Lincoln’s employee (introduced as the sole one), who, as it happens, also works for the roughly 30 other companies housed in the modest suite. When I ask how one works for dozens of bosses, the response is, “It is not very hard. There are no activities here.”

If politicians…

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