How to Cope with Flight Anxiety

For me the music playlist is the best thing when it comes to soothing nerves on a flight.

Odyssey of Inspiration

I remember the first time I went on a plane. I was 10 years old traveling to Ames, Iowa from my hometown of Buffalo for a school competition. My mother gave me a piece of gum and the flight attendant gave me a set of wings. I didn’t flinch. Over time, I have developed a fear of flying. It started with a really rough landing in Boston during a huge wind storm. My family was flying back from a trip in Ireland and my cousin (who was used to flying on a weekly basis) peed his pants thanks to his knowledge of emergency procedures. The next year, I had a rough flight home from Germany due to a family emergency. It’s been steady downhill since then.

Whenever I tell someone that I have an acute fear of flying, they are shocked. “How do you go on so many trips if…

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Home-sharing company Airbnb beefs up tools for business travel


Home-rental company Airbnb really wants businesses’ money, so it’s revamped its tools for booking business trip accommodations.

Airbnb’s original corporate program launched last summer, and the company says that since then, more than 250 companies have signed up to provide accommodations through the service as an option, including Google, SoundCloud, and Twilio. On Monday, the company said it’s rolling out a full dashboard of tools that will help company managers better keep track of their employees’ bookings and billing.

Though Airbnb’s been quite successful in the leisure travel side of the business — it’s reportedly valued at more than $25 billion and on track to do $900 million in revenue this year — going after the business travel market could add another big stream of recurring revenue. Unlike individuals, companies book travel fairly frequently. Business travelers already seem to take well to these alternative services, with expense management company Certify…

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