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Great photo guide to Rottnest Island.

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Rottnest Island was discovered by the Dutch in 1696.   The island was named Rottenest which means rat’s nest.   They believed the island to be inhabited by large rats.   However, they were not rats but quokkas.

Quokka Quokka

Quokkas are marsupials; smaller relatives of the wallaby.   In 1838 Rottnest settlement was established as a prison for the Aborigines from the mainland.

Former prison Former prison

Of course, the prison no longer exists, but you can wander around the convict built buildings,  such as the Quod.    In the Quod, prison cells have been converted into hotel rooms.   The Lomas Cottage has a large garden area.

Lomas House for warden. Often called Buckingham Palace Lomas House for warden. Often called Buckingham Palace

It was nicknamed Buckingham Palace during the prison days, as the warden eventually lived here.    The prison guard’s homes are still here, with a different purpose today.

Former guard housing. Now shops Former guard housing.   Now shops

Walking among…

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Supertyphoon Souledor Turns Taipei Mailboxes Into Instant Superstars

Jetset Times


Photo: Instagram/hui__0303

Supertyphoon Souledor has made two mailboxes into instant celebrities in Taipei’s Zhongshang district.

Over the weekend, as trees were falling over boulevards and residents’ houses were flooded with surges of water, seven were confirmed dead with 100 people missing. Leave it to the city of Taipei to find fanatical quirkiness amid high winds.

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Situated on Longjiang Road (龍江路) in Taipei, the two mailboxes never shattered throughout the hurricane, but last weekend left their metal bodies hugely slanted with poles still holding strong to the ground. Images of tourists and locals emulating the slant of the mailboxes have taken over social media feeds by storm. No pun intended.

Look out for hashtags #郵筒 (translation: #mailbox) flooding worldwide Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds. Enthusiasts have…

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