How to win new clients – every time.


I have learned that no project or opportunity is too small if it provides access to a great client. I once found myself in search of a special ashtray that a new client had specified—hardly the design project I had envisioned, but it eventually led to a number of more challenging and fulfilling assignments.

Any opportunity to work with a new client provides a window for you to get to know them and for them to learn more about you. Forge a relationship and demonstrate your abilities while working with your client, and keep the door open for future opportunities. By doing small projects well, you will be first in line for consideration when larger projects arise.

We grow our business by helping clients grow their business. Great clients provide us with opportunities such as developing new products or services, or expanding into new locations. They will take you with…

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How to Cope with Flight Anxiety

For me the music playlist is the best thing when it comes to soothing nerves on a flight.

Odyssey of Inspiration

I remember the first time I went on a plane. I was 10 years old traveling to Ames, Iowa from my hometown of Buffalo for a school competition. My mother gave me a piece of gum and the flight attendant gave me a set of wings. I didn’t flinch. Over time, I have developed a fear of flying. It started with a really rough landing in Boston during a huge wind storm. My family was flying back from a trip in Ireland and my cousin (who was used to flying on a weekly basis) peed his pants thanks to his knowledge of emergency procedures. The next year, I had a rough flight home from Germany due to a family emergency. It’s been steady downhill since then.

Whenever I tell someone that I have an acute fear of flying, they are shocked. “How do you go on so many trips if…

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Brands are using social media more than ever, and users are ignoring them more than ever

People on social media want a real connection so it’s not surprising that ads are being ignored.


In recent months, it feels like the advertising world’s worst fears have erupted into a full-blown panic. Use of ad blockers is running rampant (last week, Howard Stern introduced ad blockers to a whole new mainstream audience). Click fraud is even more rampant. Fears of cord cutting have finally begun to affect media stocks. And the ad money simply isn’t following the readers to mobile devices.

Social media has positioned itself as the savior to these problems, because ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest mimic the activity that regular users are already doing – they just happen to be sponsored. The ads are meant to fit in organically, and so people engage with them more. More importantly, brands pay more for that engagement.

But a new study shows that, ten years into the social media phenomenon, the noise has increased, but engagement has decreased.

According to Forrester…

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Rovio To Cut 260 Jobs As The Angry Birds Franchise Becomes Irrelevant

Goes to prove that in business you have to constantly innovate and never get complacent. Even if you’re at the top, something better will always come along. Remember when Nokia and Motorola phones were all the rage?


It looks like Angry Birds maker Rovio is having some troubles to pay the bills. The Finnish company is about to cut 260 jobs after reducing its workforce by 110 employees in October 2014. At the end of 2013, the company had 800 employees in total.

This news comes as a surprise as Rovio’s latest game is a big success. Angry Birds 2 has been downloaded nearly 50 million times in just a month, topping the charts…

  • In the U.S. (at least for a couple of weeks), one of the main App Store markets:

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 13.10.44

  • In China where the franchise is very successful:

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 12.55.13

  • In many other countries:

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 13.13.50

But generating millions of downloads is just part of the challenge. Angry Birds 2 is already falling in the charts around the world, and its freemium model doesn’t seem to be working great. In the U.S., Angry Birds 2 managed to reach the 42nd…

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What the stock market correction says about the economy


If you are worried about the nearly 1,700 point drop in Dow Jones industrial average in the past week, you can take some comfort in what economists have long said about the economy and the market: They are only cousins, and likely not even close ones.

That seemed evident a few years ago when the market hit a new all-time high despite the fact that the unemployment rate had barely dropped and the economy’s recovery still looked in doubt. And it seems like the case again today. The economy, pretty much everyone seems to agree, is strengthening. This time it’s the market that looks sick. An economist would tell you not to worry about it. Markets are random, and don’t say much about where the economy is headed.

That is particularly true these days when much of stock market trading is driven by algorithms. Some market observers said it appeared…

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