What Does a Management Consultant Do?

In simple terms, this person is an expert in their field, ideally, with years of experience. 

They also need to have great leadership and communications skills to get the team on board towards a common goal. 

They identify a problem (unless the company has already done so), offer solutions and see the whole process through from start to end once they are on board. 

They find the organisation new and better ways to do things. 

Companies hire them because they have the ability to add value, such as saving money in the long term and improving business health. 

They take responsibility and make sure the project is completed within the timeline given and is within budget. 

Often it makes business sense to hire a consultant rather than a full time employee, for a short term project, as they come in with a fresh perspective and knowledge of best practises in the industry. 

An external party is also free from the usual office politics that can hinder real work. This is especially so in cases where change is needed for the company to move forward. 

It’s not an easy job, but it can be very rewarding.


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