How Chick-fil-A is taking on Starbucks

This has got me interested in trying out a cold brew coffee. Pity there is no Chick-fil-A in the Asia Pacific region.


Chick-fil-A had a coffee problem.

For years, “Customers were walking into our stores in the morning to have our delicious breakfast, but holding a competitor’s coffee cup in their hand,” says David Farmer, the chain’s vice president of product development. It crystallized further for Farmer when he was visiting the company’s corporate museum in Atlanta and saw a replica of a 1950s sign that said: Hot coffee, made fresh every hour. “We were not making fresh coffee every hour,” he concedes.

To address the coffee gap, Chick-fil-A partnered with Thrive Farmers, an Atlanta-based startup that shares revenues of beans with the farmers that harvest them, flipping the usual model that leaves many farmers underpaid for their work. (It doesn’t hurt that this do-gooder model might also help Chick-fil-A’s image, which came under fire in recent years after controversial comments made by its CEO about same-sex marriage.) Chick-fil-A launched the…

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