These Are the Highest-Paying Jobs of 2015


The job search website Career Cast has released a list of the “highest paying jobs of 2015.” The site says the data on annual median wages is from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and says the rankings were based on factors like stress, income potential, and conditions of working environments. The methodology is explained here. See if your job made the cut.

1. Surgeon
Annual Median Wage: $352,220

2. Psychiatrist
Annual Median Wage: $181,880

3. Physician (general practice)
Annual Median Wage: $180,180

4. Corporate Executive (senior level)
Annual Median Wage: $173,320

5. Dentist
Annual Median Wage: $146,340

6. Petroleum engineer
Annual Median Wage: $130,050

7. Orthodontist
Annual Median Wage: $129,110

8. Data scientist
Annual Median Wage: $124,150

9. Air traffic controller
Annual Median Wage: $122,340

10. Pharmacist
Annual Median Wage: $120,950

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