This is why the iPad may be obsolete in a few years

I would still want an iPad if they can make it much lighter and more mobile. At the moment I don’t own one and rely on my iPhone 6 Plus instead but I have to admit that the iPad with it’s larger screen is much better for reading books and watching YouTube with the kids.


Although the iPad is the current leader in the tablet market, accounting for 24.5% of all tablet sales, its market share has consistently decreased by about 18% over the last few years, Tech Republicreports. Samsung’s tablet sales decreased by 12% from last year, and the market as a whole shrank by 7%.

“We have gotten to the point that the status quo will likely lead to the iPad and the modern-day tablet becoming irrelevant over time,” analyst Neil Cybart writes. As advancements in Apple’s iPhones and MacBooks continue apace, consumers are much more likely to choose one of those devices over an iPad.

About 3 million units of the original iPad are still in use. These devices are slow, heavy, and they’re screens are not as good as those found on iPhones or MacBooks.

When the iPad Mini was released in November 2012, it was deemed one of…

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