Jeff Bezos Says The New York Times’ Amazon Expose Got It All Wrong

I feel that the truth is probably somewhere in the middle?


This weekend’s must-read story from the world of tech is this lengthy New York Times report on the working culture. (Go ahead and read it if you haven’t yet.)

Described as a “bruising workplace,” authors Jodi Kantor and David Streitfeld interviewed over 100 current and former Amazonians, pulling together a story full of horrific anecdotal tales of staff mistreatment on the basis of family bereavement, personal health issues and more.

Given Amazon’s prominence as a leading technology company, the story rightly caused controversy. It’s hard to imagine a more toxic working environment than the one described in the New York Times story, irrespective of whether the piece is accurate or not. Nonetheless, it was interesting to see that many of the tech industry’s top names — former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, and VCs Marc Andresseen and Keith Rabois — came out to dismiss the details as merely part of what makes disruptive companies disruptive.

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