At Least 16 Dead in Bangkok Bombing

This would definitely make many reconsider a trip to Bangkok.


Erawan Shrine, nestled between giant malls in downtown Bangkok, is normally a riot of incense, garlands, tourists and Buddhist worshipers who come to pray to a Hindu deity. On the evening of Aug. 17, at the height of rush hour, the shrine area was shaken by an explosion that killed at least 16 people and injured some 70 more, according to police and local media, who reported that foreigners were among the fatalities. Police blamed the carnage on a bomb hidden in a motorcycle and said they had defused other explosive devices nearby.

In recent months, Bangkok has been the scene of small explosions, some of which were later blamed by the country’s military regime on anti-government forces. In 2010, the streets near Erawan Shrine were also bloodied by an army crackdown on anti-government protesters, which killed dozens.

In Thailand’s deep south, shadowy Muslim militants have waged a campaign of…

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