4 job references you can give, other than your boss

This is a conundrum for many a job seeker with an unreasonable boss (and the reason why they are leaving the job in the first place). Life in the corporate jungle can be so unfair, but I liked the solutions provided here by Anne Fisher.


Dear Annie: What can you do if you’re looking for a new job and interviewers ask you for references, but you don’t want to suggest they contact your boss? I’d really rather my direct supervisor didn’t know I am job hunting, at least until I get a firm offer at another company. Not only that, but he and I have never gotten along (which is the main reason I’m job-hunting in the first place). Our employer has a policy requiring everyone to refer reference requests to HR or, failing that, to just confirm titles and dates of employment, period. But I’m still uneasy about what my boss would say about me if anyone asks. Your thoughts, please? — Moving On

Dear M.O.: You’re right to be skeptical that your boss, or for that matter anyone else, will abide by the dates-and-titles-only rule. It seems that many people, when asked for…

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