Writing by Hand vs Typing 

I am from the era where penmanship was valued so the physically more taxing method of shaping letters with pen on paper appeals to me. It better helps me crystallise my thoughts as it forces me to slow down. It also helps greatly with memory retention. Remember the days when you prepared notes as you were studying for your exams? Didn’t that help you understand and recall those facts?

But I have grown fond of typing to write my blog. It allows me to write as fast as my thoughts flow. Even with one finger typing on a WordPress App. I’m much better able to keep pace with my thought process this way then struggling with a pen on paper. So much easier and neater for editing purposes too, although I am guilty of typos as the screen is more taxing on the eye than paper. 

It’s shocking to me that there are little kids our there who grew up with the iPad and will never quite learn cursive writing or be able to read it. I guess it’s the same way our ancestors lamented that we lost the art of proper cursive writing when fountain pens were replaced by the ball point. There is always a trade off, but often we gain some other benefit like speed. 

I wouldn’t mind the world slowing down a tad though. Time to gather our thoughts. 


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