China warns Taiwan against return to ‘evil ways’ of independence

China Daily Mail

James Soong James Soong

China‘s top policy maker on Taiwan warned the self-ruled island on Thursday it would soon have to choose between continuing the peaceful development of ties, or returning to the “evil ways” of independence, which would threaten the peace.

The harsh comments came as a 73-year-old Taiwan politician announced he would run for president in January, likely acting as a spoiler boosting the chances of an independence-leaning opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) rival to win.

The entry of James Soong, chairman of the Taiwan’s People First Party, could make the task of retaining power harder for the ruling Nationalist Party, which is unpopular over a perceived creeping dependence on China.

Soong, a once powerful Nationalist politician, is expected to split the ruling party’s votes, paving the way for front runner and DPP presidential hopeful Tsai Ing-wen to win.

The Nationalists are expected to be thrashed by the…

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