WATCH: NASA camera shows moon crossing Earth more than 1.5 million km away

Global News

TORONTO – A NASA camera is giving us a glimpse at what it would look like if we were out in space looking back at Earth from 1.5 million kilometres away.

NASA’s Deep Space Climate Observatory is a satellite that is monitoring the solar wind and will allow us better monitoring of its effect on Earth. On board DSCOVR is the Earth Polycrhomatic Imaging Camera (EPIC), a four megapixel camera that monitors the planet’s ozone, vegetation and aerosols as well as cloud heights.

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The images show the far side of the moon as it crosses between Earth and the satellite. They were taken by EPIC on July 16 — 46 years to the day that Apollo 11, the first mission to put humans on the moon, launched.

WATCH: EPIC View of Moon Transiting the Earth


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