In pictures: The Tube already looks like hell on Earth


People queue outside an entrance to Oxford Circus underground tube station prior to the start of a planned strike, London, Wednesday, Aug. 5, 2015. London's mayor has ruled out offering more money to resolve a London Underground labor dispute set to shut down services for the second time this summer. (John Stillwell/PA via AP) UNITED KINGDOM OUT, NO SALES, NO ARCHIVE Good luck, Londoners (Picture: PA)

There’s a Tube strike on today in London.

In all likelihood you already knew that if you’re a Londoner because you probably spent a good deal of time planning your route home.

The 24-hour strike is due to start from 6.30pm and it follows the breakdown in talks between the unions and London Underground over the new night service.

Around 250 extra buses and a number of extra river services are being deployed to help travellers. Pop-up cycle hire hubs are being added in some areas, TfL said.

But predictably, it’s still mayhem.

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