GoDaddy loses $71.3 million in latest earnings report, but CEO isn’t worried


GoDaddy on Wednesday rolled out its financial numbers for the second quarter of 2015, and last quarter’s $43.3 million blemish has widened to a $71.3 million loss this time.

But that still doesn’t phase CEO Blake Irving, who calmly explained to Fortune that much of it comes for expenses related to its IPO at the beginning of April.

“Our investors understand that,” he said. “We knew that we would have those expenses hitting in the quarter.”

The Arizona company posted $394.5 million in revenue for the second quarter and a loss of 46 cents per share. Analysts expected $392.9 million in revenue and a much smaller loss of 17 cents per share. It’s also expecting revenue between $405 million and $410 million for the next quarter, lower than the analyst forecast of $410.5 million.

After withdrawing its original plan in 2006 because of then-CEO Bob Parson’s dislike for the…

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