Four years later, debris from Japan tsunami still arriving in B.C.

Just a reminder that we are all connected on this earth.

Global News

WATCH: A barge has arrived in Ucluelet to ship away debris from the Japan tsunami that washed up on local beaches. Elaine Yong reports.

On remote beaches in Barkley Sound, just to the south of Ucluelet, sits bag after bag of garbage.

Twenty tons in total, all about to be shipped to the United States – and much of it coming from the remnants of the 2011 Japan tsunami.

“This barge is on its way to Seattle, Washington for recycling,” says Karla Robinson, Environmental and Emergency Services Manager for the District of Ucluelet.

“What can’t be recycled there will be taken by train to Oregon for landfilling.”

The barge Robinson points to is the 91-metre barge Dioskouroi. It has 3300 superstacks, each filled with one ton of marine debris, primarily Styrofoam and plastics.

The crew has been gone up and down the pacific coastline as part of international cleanup…

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