5 Ways to Communicate Better With Remote Colleagues


When we think about working remotely, we often think of it as a thing to be envied. After all, what often first comes to mind are the perks: setting one’s own schedule, wearing PJs to the “office,” and spending more time with family. But working from home isn’t all sunshine and daisies, and the communication complications that arise as a result of having a physically separated team can be frustrating.

If even just part of your team is working away from the office, you’ve likely seen at least one message lost in translation. To avoid a repeat offense, take a tip from these five communication-savvy professionals—they’ve all been there before.

1. Stay professional

“One challenge of using one of the many communication apps available—some of which you probably already use to keep up with your friends far and wide—is remaining professional. Even though apps like Whatsapp and Slack are typically…

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