The safest airlines of 2015


By Philip Ritchie

Image: Quantas via Wikipedia Image: Quantas via Wikipedia

Airlines lost a lot of credibility in 2014, despite the fact it was a good year for safety.

Their publicity game has shown disaster after disaster, as far as the average media-consumer is concerned, beginning with two Malaysia Airlines incidents and ending more recently with the crash of an AirAsia jet.fliguth

However, reports provided by Aviation Safety Network show you are, statistically, less likely to encounter a tragedy while flying now than you were a year ago. There were 29 fatal crashes in 2013, compared to 20 in 2014. Overall death tolls were on the opposite trend though, increasing from 265 to 692, excluding military and corporate incidents. This makes last year the most disaster-less year in recorded flight history, dating back to 1942.

Your safest choices

According to AirlineRatings, which evaluated 449 airlines, Australia’s favourite carrier, Quantas, maintained first place with…

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