Some Reddit Users Are Flocking to This New Site


When the history books (or interactive tablet apps) recap the early 21st century, they will boggle future students’ minds with tales of paper and ink newspapers. Likewise, when the front page of the Internet is discussed, it might surprise people that the latest rage wasn’t always the one on top. For instance, before Reddit became the world’s hive mind, there was Digg, a site where people posted their favorite web content until a redesign and new features made its fickle users scatter to other corners of the web. And now, riding in the wake of Reddit’s seemingly endless controversy, a site called Voat could turn into the next big thing.

The conflict boiling within Reddit’s offices and forums is a big reason some users are flocking to Voat, pronounced “vote.” Reddit’s most recent troubles began earlier this month, when volunteer moderators locked down some of the site’s most popular groups…

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