Donald Trump is rich, but is he ‘really rich?’ We break it down

Financial Post

“In excess of TEN BILLION DOLLARS.” That’s how much businessman, reality television star and candidate for the Republican presidential nomination Donald Trump told the Federal Election Commission he’s worth, according to a statement from his campaign this week. According to Trump, it’s one of the reasons Americans should vote for him — since he’s “really rich,” he has the resources to fund his own campaign, avoiding conflicts of interest.

There are reasons to question that figure, however. Just last month, when Trump announced he was officially entering the race, he pegged his wealth at a mere US$8.7 billion — a figure his campaign said was a year out of date.

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In a deposition filed in connection with a lawsuit against an unauthorized biographer who suggested Trump’s real net worth could be as low as US$150 million, the business mogul admitted his own numbers might not have been entirely based on sound accounting…

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