1001Pharmacies Grabs $8.9 Million To Bring Your Pharmacy To The Web


French startup 1001Pharmacies just raised $8.9 million (€8 million) from Newfund, CM-CIC Capital Privé, and business angels, such as Xaviel Niel, Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet and Olivier Mathiot. As the name suggests, 1001Pharmacies is an online pharmacy.

The company first let you order your prescription goods from their website. In order to avoid legal issues, 1001Pharmacies partnered with hundreds of brick-and-mortar pharmacies and acted as the middleman, handling deliveries, payments and listings.

Last August, the company had to stop its prescription delivery service as a French court ruled that delivering prescription goods was illegal. That’s why the company refocused on non-prescription goods, from toothpaste to vitamin C effervescent powder. As long as you don’t need a prescription, you can find it on 1001Pharmacies.

And it looks like this strategy is working as the company managed to raise €8 million despite last year’s ban. 1001Pharmacies still hopes that it will be…

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