Woman writes the perfect response to Tinder date who said he’d marry her…’if only she was slimmer’


Instagram girl Michelle Thomas had the perfect response to the Tinder troll (Picture: Msmthomas/Instagram)

A woman, who was told by a Tinder date: ‘I am hugely turned on by your mind, your face, your personality….. I can’t say the same about your figure’, has given the perfect riposte online.

In an open letter on her blog, 30-year-old Michelle Thomas told the man she had chosen to respond publicly because he has a 13-year-old daughter, and she wanted to show him how to build her confidence, rather than destroy it.

Michelle and the man, known only as Simon, went on a date a couple of weeks. ‘He bought me dinner. We strolled arm in arm on the South Bank. He walked me to the train station, where we kissed. It wasn’t earth-shattering, but all in all it was a fairly standard Pleasant Evening,’ she explains.

She wasn’t particularly bothered if she saw…

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