Want a promotion? Cheer up and be on time


If you’ve ever lost out on a promotion you believed you deserved, it’s entirely possible that no one ever told you why (even if you asked). The answer may lie somewhere in a new survey of 2,175 managers, by CareerBuilder and Harris Poll, that says a “negative attitude” and chronic lateness are the main reasons people don’t get tapped for bigger jobs, cited by 62% of those surveyed.

But it seems people do plenty of other things that sabotage their own advancement, like using salty language (51%), frequently leaving work early (49%), taking lots of sick days (49%), spreading office gossip (44%), and frittering away company time on personal social media sites (39%).

Moreover, even though many office dress codes have gotten more relaxed or disappeared altogether, getting promoted still means looking the part. More than one in four (27%) of these managers would hesitate to promote someone whose attire…

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