The World of Tattoys: Tattooed Dolls by Russian Artist Kristina Tselykovskaya


Inkluded Rock and Doll Tattoo

Кристина Целыковская (Kristina Tselykovskaya) is a Moscow-based artist who specialises in creating beautifully precious tattooed dolls under her brand Rock & Doll.

For Kristina, her work is the most important part of her life. Her time and energy is devoted to creating what she calls her ‘#Tattoys’ – “I dedicate so much to my work and I get back an unreal pleasure from what I do, and lots of positive emotion too. It’s a great thing when your job can bring you passion and satisfaction.”

Inkluded Rock and Doll Tattoo

She has been drawing for as long as she can remember, having a strong fascination with faces and eyes. “More recently I became irreversibly absorbed in the doll world,” she says. “To paint on fabric is a thousand times more interesting than on paper. Then I realised something else – master puppeteers unfairly bypassed male images. Princess dolls with curls and bows, they are…

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