Shell will be allowed to pester walruses in the Arctic, but not as much as it would like


Nobody’s happy with the Obama administration’s ruling on how Shell is to treat the walruses and polar bears that will be hanging out and watching as the company drills in the Arctic.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said in a letter on Tuesday that it would allow Shell to interfere with Arctic mammals during its drilling, including incidentally “taking” or killing a few. But the agency also said, citing a 2013 wildlife protection regulation, that the company could not place drilling rigs within 15 miles of one another. Shell had planned to drill wells closer together than that, and in pairs.

Fuel Fix, a publication that chronicles the energy industry, characterized the news as a “big blow” to Shell’s plans.

Environmental groups, on the other hand, decried the decision from Fish and Wildlife as another shrug of the shoulders from an administration that has already been incredibly permissive about…

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