Fans lined up for the Apple Watch in Singapore: Good news or bad?


Meet Sriram Rengamannar, 13, a student at Singapore’s Queenstown Secondary School. He was first in line at what may be the first real Apple Watch queue anywhere in the world.

Unlike the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, which generated Apple’s longest lines ever, there were none for the Apple Watch in April. If you wanted to buy a Watch in any of the nine countries slated to receive the first shipments, you had to order it online for delivery at home.

Apple still requires pre-orders, but now you can pick up your Apple watch at an Apple retail outlet—which is why anybody bothered to line up in Singapore or the other six countries that took deliveries today.

“Singapore greets Apple Watch with a shrug,” was the headline on CNBC, which made the rookie mistake of comparing today’s modest lines with the throngs that greeted the iPhone 6 and 6…

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