Angelina Singapore – A Piece of France in Singapore

Easily satisfied, Hard to please

When Angelina came to Singapore, I was very excited cos I didn’t manage to try it in Paris due to limited time. So when I happily told the friend ‘oh Angelina opens in Singapore!’, she replied ‘Jolie is in Singapore’, I wanted to -____- her. The Parisan tearoom opens it first outlet in Singapore and gosh, it is sure crowded. I went there twice cos the first time i was there, they sold out everything – hot chocolate, mont blanc tart, Paris-New York tart at 5pm. It was insane

A very small place with no reservations

Old Fashioned Hot Chocolate “L’Africain” $12

It is not your usual hot chocolate but one that is so thick with the taste of chocolate you might actually have problem finishing the whole cup. How can anyone take this x2? It really just felt like drinking molten chocolate

Angelina Breakfast $35 (available till 11.30am)


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