A Trip to the Indian Heritage Centre

The Heartlander Tourist

In her official material, Singapore adopts what is known as the CMIO model (Chinese, Malay Indians, Others). You can see it in the public event faces, and even the public holidays, not to mention the tourist spots (Chinatown, Kampong Glam, Little India, the old Colonial Civic District).

So it’s a little surprising that Singapore has a Chinese Heritage Centre in NTU, a Malay Heritage Centre in Kampong Glam and an Eurasian Heritage Centre at Ceylon Road but not an Indian Heritage Centre.

That omission was righted with the opening of the recently completed Indian Heritage Centre in Campbell Lane (Little India).

Indian Heritage Centre 1Indian Heritage Centre 2To say that is is an Indian Heritage Centre is a slight misnomer as it does not refer to India the modern nation but the South Asian subcontinent and the Indian people (and probably also the Ceylonese).

The four story building stands tall and focuses on the arrival of…

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