This company will let you look for a new home using virtual reality


Home buying and vacation planning could be a lot different in the not-too-distant future thanks to virtual reality. And Qualcomm Ventures is betting that Matterport will lead the charge.

Matterport, a technology company that makes explorable 3D models of homes, offices, resorts, and other spaces, has secured $30 million in Series C funding, led by the investment arm of tech giant Qualcomm. Matterport plans to put that money toward expanding its service to the world of virtual reality—and expanding its 3D solutions business deeper into real estate and other fields.

“We’re making sure we have a platform where it’s easy to deliver VR experiences and also gives consumers the ability to create VR experiences themselves,” says Bill Brown, CEO of Matterport.

Let’s say you’re in the market for a new home—but before driving all over the place (and spending more time in the car than in houses) you first…

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