MEATliquor SIN – Famous London Burger Joint Hits Singapore

Easily satisfied, Hard to please

MEATliquor SIN, the famous London burger joint took over the space of Life Is Beautiful at Duxton, attracting a young and hip crowd every night. The moment you step into the restaurant, you will be like woah this place is hip man. Even most of the staffs are not local (or maybe they are just specially sent here for the opening). The place doesn’t do reservations and will only sit you when your full party arrives and that can be pretty annoying since by then there will be a line out of the door. So.. go when the crowd dies down

It’s loud, noisy and rather difficult to hold a conversation here

Chilli Cheese Fries $18

The fries were pretty decent. We like the beef chilli topped with the melted cheese that goes well together. The chopped jalapenos gave the spice and you can feel the heat after munching them…

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