Istanbul, Turkey Part 3 – The Tale Of Two Bazaars

Dan On The Road

I’m not a person who likes to shop so I would often skip going to local bazaar on my travels. My aversion to these places stem from the feeling of being drowned in a sea of shoppers, having only enough budget for “essentials” and lacking enough backpack space for the long haul.

But Istanbul’s bazaars are another beast.

These markets are hundreds of years old and has been virtually untouched since their inception. The shops may look new after countless renovations to keep up with the times but the hustle and bustle of the bazaar made me feel like I was a merchant with a shipload of goods ready to be bartered with the honest but wary traders of Istanbul.

Here’s a story of how Istanbul changed my mind about going to bazaars.

Grand Bazaar

As far as naming goes, the Grand Bazaar does live up to its moniker. This…

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