Women explain the quest for the ultra-expensive Birkin

I will never get the logic of carrying heavy bags or paying that much for them. Seems like such a waste.


One of the most-talked-about details in Wednesday Martin’s book, Primates of Park Avenue, is the author’s all-consuming quest for a Hermès Birkin handbag. It is, she said, to be her “sword and shield” as she navigates Manhattan’s most elite echelon. When her husband agrees to get one, she laughs–you can’t just go out and get a Birkin.

While the chronicle of Upper East Side housewives was initially presented as an “anthropological memoir,” its veracity was since been called into question, including the timing of events. But the struggle for the elusive Birkin, which retail from $10,000 to over $200,000, is real.

Nicole Pollard Bayme has four Birkins that she uses daily. “I have to maintain a certain image to work with very high profile clients,” says Bayme, a Los Angeles-based stylist and personal shopper. “I also think they are beautiful and extremely well made. Lastly, because I resell these bags…

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