Meet the 26-year-old man who never grew up


26 year old kid 03 This 26-year-old Korean man looks like he hasn’t reached his teens yet, because of a rare condition that’s stopped him ageing (Picture:

Meet Hyomyung Shin. Sitting in his PJs in his bedroom, you’d be forgiven for thinking he’s yet to hit his teens.

In fact, he’s a 26-year-old man.

Dubbed the Peter Pan of South Korea, Shin drinks beer, goes on dates and likes clubbing on the weekends. But, he hasn’t yet hit puberty, because he suffers from a rare condition known as ‘Highlander Syndrome’.

The condition has caused his body to age at a very slow – almost imperceptible – rate, according to

26 year old kid 02 Shin is still baby-faced despite being almost 30 (Picture:

There’s little information about the syndrome and it isn’t an officially recognised term. Only a handful of others in the world are believed to have the condition, which some researchers believe could hold…

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