‘Game of Thrones’ nude body double Rebecca Van Cleave defends Lena Headey

Extremely disappointing on another level altogether. That they had to use a body double 14 years younger.

FOX 61

When “Game of Thrones” viewers watched Cersei Lannister’s Walk of Shame, they were actually seeing Rebecca Van Cleave’s naked body. But she argues that doesn’t take away from Lena Headey’s performance.

“I personally don’t agree with anybody who says having a body double detracts from the scene,” the 27-year-old tells Entertainment Weekly. “Lena put her heart and soul into that scene. It should all be about the finished product, not about whose body was where and and whose head was where.”

Headey tells the site she opted not to go nude for “several reasons,” including the fact she wanted her focus to be on the emotions Cersei was experiencing. “Game of Thrones” casting department looked at more than 1,000 applicants for the scene, and finally landed on British-American actress Van Cleave, who had never been filmed naked before.

To bring the sequence to life, Van Cleave and Headey, who…

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