What’s it like to have a job interview with Elon Musk?


Answer by Jeff Nelsonon Quora.

I interviewed with X Commerce in 1999 (later renamed to PayPal), and it was one of the strangest interview experiences of my career. At the time, the company had something like 10 employees, none of whom were serious backend engineers except Elon Musk himself, so when they brought me in for the first day of interviews I talked to several people, but it was all soft skills. They kept telling me that Elon would do the tech interview.

I recall I was even interviewed by the vice president of marketing. I was very creeped out by this VP, because he had so much reverence for Elon. It’s not uncommon for founders to treat each other with great respect, but this was way beyond that. There was genuflecting. I suspect that may be part of why Elon has been so successful. If you have…

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