Sleeping badly, wrecks your health – and can make you fat


Exhausted woman sleeping in front of laptop Exhausted woman sleeping in front of laptop

Sleeping badly can make you seriously ill, fat, and even kill you, University of Copenhagen researchers claim.

It doesn’t do so directly, though – people who sleep badly are more likely to binge-drink, smoke heavily and become physically inactive.

Sleeping poorly seems to make it harder for people to cut down on smoking, or start drinking more healthily – and thus damages hteir overall health.

Sleeping badly is also associated with becoming obese, the researchers say.

‘This study shows that sleep affects our ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and when sleep deteriorates we are more likely to make unhealthy lifestyle changes,’ says Alice Jessie Clark from the Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen.

The researchers followed groups of sleepers over the course of four years and observed their lifestyle choices.

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