Billionaires are pimping their mega-mansions with indoor waterfalls and slides direct from bedroom to pool

The slide from bedroom to pool looks so fun. Also the swimming pool cinema.


Billionaire comp Check out this dream house

Most of us dream of being able to furnish our flats with anything other than second-hand Ikea and the odd Oliver Bonas splurge.

But, for the average billionaire, the world is one giant amusement park. And their mega-mansions are their adventure playgrounds.

If you want a slide going from your bedroom to your indoor pool, then you sure as heck can have it.

No room for an extra garage for your vintage Porsche? Just build underground and have it rise up through the driveway at the push of a button.

Too rich to even be bothered to walk down the stairs? Install slides instead.

*Wonders if it’s possible to install a slide in a two-bed London rental*.

Please note: some of these pictures are from real houses. Some are mock-ups of what could be achieved if you had ALL the money. 

If you’re bored of…

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